GDK turning IT Support on its head

A Revolutionary Change in Computer Support

GDK Proactive IT Support takes a different approach to computer support. Rather than just respond to problems after the fact, we use our state-of-the-art automated systems to check your systems proactively every 5 or 15 minutes. We’ll nip problems in the bud before – not after they disrupt your business.

Furthermore, GDK will provide this Support Package to suit your needs at a Fixed Monthly Charge.

Does your existing computer support company: (that’s if you have one?)

  • Keep you safe by automatically reporting on the success of your backup every day?
  • Keep you up & running by automatically checking your event logs first thing every morning?
  • Keep you in contact by automatically checking your email systems every morning?
  • Keep you running by checking your Windows services, TCP ports and network connections every few minutes?
  • Keep you safe by checking for hacker attacks?
  • Keep you safe from harm by automatically checking your anti-virus systems each and every day?
    And do they do all these things automatically and proactively?
     with an advanced Monitoring System that doesn’t get sick, distracted or go holiday

Our GDK Proactive IT Support conducts dozens of checks on your systems every five or fifteen minutes. We can spot many problems before they occur. And we’ll get instant alerts about others – usually before you know you have a problem – so we can fix them before you experience the pain of downtime.

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