If it’s not broken, don’t fix it?

This old adage NO longer holds thru’ for Microsoft’s Exchange Server 2003 I’m sorry to say. 

So if your business has not invested in keeping the server infrastructure up-to-date in line with Microsoft best practices, you will find, as requirements arise to add new users and PCs to your network, or indeed to replace PCs that have over the years slowed down to such an extent that they are actually counterproductive, or if you would simply like to upgrade to Office 2013, that you are in for a bit of a surprise: Outlook 2013 does not work with Exchange 2003. 

“Not a problem” I hear you say.  “I will simply purchase Office 2010 and off I go.” More bad news.

Office 2010 is no longer available to buy with a new PC and has been withdrawn from the retail channel. 


When you buy a new PC the cheapest way to get Office is under an OEM license. That is a license provided by the PC manufacturer that lives and dies with the machine. The OEM channel can now only supply Office 2013, and as stated above, Outlook 2013 cannot connect to Exchange 2003!

There is an option to buy Outlook 2010 through Microsoft’s volume licensing agreement. However, you need to buy a minimum of 5 licenses;

What can you do to remedy this situation?
The best way forward is to migrate from Exchange 2003 to a new email platform – either by replacing your in-house server to Exchange 2013 or by migrating from Exchange 2003 to Microsoft’s hosted email solution Office 365.

Our advice is to start planning the migration process from Exchange 2003 now. This will allow you to understand the issue, plot out a timeline and budget for the upcoming expense. It will also mean that in the future when you need to replace a PC you won’t be surprised to find us recommending an infrastructure upgrade.

Some other important dates to watch out from Microsoft which may impact on your IT expenditure include:

  • April 2014:-Microsoft will end support for Windows XP Pro
  • April 2014:-Microsoft will end support for  Microsoft small Business Server 2003
  • July 2015:-Microsoft will end support for Windows 2003 Server

Whilst customers have not been able to purchase these products for some time and the fact that Microsoft will be terminating support for them, this  means that there will be no more Security updates for them to guard against internet threats or any other “driver updates” to ensure that particular devices will work with these platforms.

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Gerry Kirby
Technical Consultancy Director