Windows 10: Microsoft has got it right with the latest version of Windows

Windows 10 is the most important product Microsoft has released in years. It's a free downloadable upgrade. For users of Windows Phone 8.1, Windows 7, and Windows 8.1 license holders for the first year, it will be completely free. The new operating system (OS) also boasts a variety of new and improved features including the return of the Start Menu, a new virtual assistant named Cortana. The most exciting for some will be the announcement of Project Spartan, which is the new and vastly improved internet browser. Along with “Universal Apps” (for use across multiple platforms - tablet, smartphone, Xbox and desktop), Windows 10 yet again demonstrates Microsoft’s dedication in listening to clients and delivering their best

GDK have successfully installed this platform internally and can vouch for it’s stability, improved performance and new features. GDK would also issue a warning that it is imperative to check with your main application supplier as to any compatibility issues with the version of application software you are running with this new Windows 10 platform before taking the plunge. It is not uncommon for software companies to be quite conservative and issue warnings in relation to new platforms until they have had time to ensure that there are no software bugs.

GDK’s advice is very straight forward. Windows 10 is an excellent product, good for business and will be here to stay. It will become the de facto operating system on all Windows devices but please check that all your existing applications are compatible with Windows 10 before downloading the upgrade and remember it will be free for the next 12 months after which a premium will apply.

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Below is an interesting infographic about the history of Windows