Your best defence against Ransomware is also the simplest: Cloud-Based Backup

Picture this: You’re busy working on an important document on your computer.  Not only is this project important to your job, but it contains very sensitive information about your organisation and your customers/staff/suppliers. You’ve taken precautions to keep that data safe and protected.

But suddenly, in the middle of your work, a huge message pops up:   “Your Computer Has Been Locked!”

No matter what key you press, or how many times you try to restart your computer, the same message keeps popping up. You can’t access the document you were working on or other important files — and you have no idea who has their hands on them now.

In order to get your files back, the message says, you have to pay a fine of hundreds of dollars… or lose them forever.

After the initial shock, you realize that you have been infected by Ransomware – a type of malware that blocks access to files or your systems until the ransom is paid. There are many types of Ransomware, including Reveton, Cryptolocker, Winlocker, and Cryptowall, and for many the antidote may not be available yet.

What Would You Do?

Think about what you would do if Ransomware hits your company. Would you pay? Unless you can find an antidote out there – you may have no way to restore your data. Remember, even if you did pay, there is no guarantee that the attacker would decrypt your data and not just disappear.

However, what may come as a surprise to you is that the universal solution against Ransomware has existed for years. In fact, it has existed even longer than Ransomware itself: 

It's called Backup and in particular Offsite Backup!

Now, some things have changed since backup first came onto the scene years ago. Today, Cloud-Based Backup is the best way to protect your data and systems from Ransomware.

Cloud-Based Backup creates copies of all your files, and even your entire operating system – and keeps it safe, away from attackers and the threats of Ransomware. If an attack happens, you can quickly restore the affected files and keep your business up and running. You can even restore an entire system to the previous, clean state – and you would not need to pay a penny in ransom.

The only ultimate way to stand up to Ransomware is to use professional-grade data protection solution to back up your data and systems to the cloud on a regular, consistent schedule.

Let GDK help you to stand up to Ransomware.
GDK provide Cloud-Based Server Imaging and Data Backup Services. We can help to protect your entire environment from Ransomware by providing a proven and reliable backup for your data and your systems to the cloud. It is also very safe and secure – the data is encrypted even before it leaves your system. We can advise you in relation to your offsite backup requirements and business continuity processes.

Action: Let GDK review your existing backup procedures (free of charge) in order for us to provide the best advice.
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