Benefits of adding additional Memory to your Servers

Memory is what feeds processing cores, it’s one of the most effective and affordable ways to improve CPU utilisation and efficiency.
There are huge benefits of adding additional Memory(RAM) to your Servers that include:

  • It’s the fastest, easiest, most dependable way to increase Server performance
  • When CPUs are fully utilised, you will be able to use fewer Servers to accomplish more
  • Fewer Servers keeps power, cooling, and software licensing costs lower
  • It’s one of the best ways to cut costs and overcome workload constraints.

Additional Memory helps overcome 5 top server workload constraints:

  1. Limited budget: More memory helps increase CPU efficiency and utilisation, which in turn decreases a server’s cost of ownership because users are getting more performance out of it and are able to use fewer servers to accomplish more.
  2. Unexpected or unpredictable workload demands: More RAM helps eliminate quality of service variance because it provides extra resources for virtualised applications to store and use active data, which lives in memory.
  3. Limited floor space: Scaling up and using less servers optimises limited floor space and cuts power, cooling and software license costs.
  4. Rapid growth in user base: Hosting more users requires more RAM to maintain quality of service levels and gain system flexibility.
  5. High power and cooling costs: More RAM helps servers use power in the most efficient manner plus using fewer servers lowers total energy costs.

The bottom line:
Improve workload performance with more Memory, not necessarily more Servers

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