GDK protect it’s Clients against the latest ongoing global Ransomware outbreak

GDK would like to assure it’s clients who are using the GDK IT Care Plans with the Managed Anti-Virus and Workstation Monitoring modules that they are taking the best possible precautions to protect themselves from the world’s most aggressive piece of ransomware with next-generation detection technologies.

Users under threat from an ongoing global ransomware outbreak that has targeted Windows computers in more than 70 countries can keep their systems safe by implementing a managed security system and installing the latest patches from Microsoft. The WannaCry Ransomware encrypts files in the PCs it infects. Attackers then demand a Ransom be paid in exchange for decryption.

Why is this ransomware attack different?

Unlike other Ransomware families, the WannaCry strain does not spread via infected e-mails or infected links. Instead, it takes advantage of a security hole in most Windows versions to automatically execute itself on the victim PC.

Analyzing the infection mechanism, we can say that WannaCry is one of the biggest threats that both end users and companies had to face recently. Because the list of vulnerable Windows PCs can be found through a simple internet scan and the code be executed remotely, no interaction from the user is needed. Once the PC is infected, it acts like a worm, it replicates itself in order to spread to other computers. 

Microsoft released a patch for this critical vulnerability on March 14, 2017 but until Friday there was no patch available for legacy machines such as Windows XP. Microsoft has released a patch for those machines this morning even though it no longer supports them.

Wannacry encrypts the machine it has infected and then demands a ransom to decrypt the files it's holding hostage. So far the demands have been for $300 in bitcoin but threaten to increase in time. 

 How to protect yourself from Wannacry?

  • Update your Windows Operating System and make sure patch MS17-010 is installed
  • Make sure there is a Backup of all your important data on a device that is not physically connected to your workstation
  • Ensure your Anti-Virus protection is up to date

 Please also update yourself by reading the our security related blog.

There are real benefits to implementing a proactive GDK IT Care Plan to manage your security concerns. You are most welcome to call or email us to discuss your concerns and to investigate how GDK could help you.