What Makes a Great Helpdesk?

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Many companies will have help desks or a customer support section but the quality of these can vary greatly.  It’s crucial to ensure if you are paying for any service that you get top quality, particularly when it comes to IT support.  The helpdesk will often be the first person you interact with and it is so important that the right people are there to support the client. 

Here we look at what makes a great Help Desk;


There is a certain talent in being a great help desk team member.  Having the expertise and knowledge is important, but also knowing how to ask the right questions to assess the issue can make the difference.  Having the ability to provide advice on preventing issues will help avoid IT pitfalls.   


We want to have confidence that the person we are speaking to knows what they are talking about.  Having a great depth of IT knowledge, not just on one or two subjects but being an all-rounder is key.  Having a genuine interest in keeping up to date with the latest technology and happenings will be the difference between good and great.


You want to work with somebody that has experience and takes the issue seriously.  A great help desk team member will know how to resolve the issue using experience of past cases.    Also knowing how to keep systems running smoothly will come with years of experience.  With experience comes empathy and this is important too when issues are stressful for the client.


The modern office is not 9 to 5 anymore.  Having unlimited access to a help desk is key including live phone support.  The help desk team should be able to securely start a remote session to any server or workstation as if they are sitting right in front of them. 

Process Driven

A great help desk will be process driven so they can provide excellence in all areas.  Calls will be logged and controlled to ensure a proper resolution is found.  The client should be kept up to date on the progress of the matter.  Processes drive learning will ensure the team strives for continuous improvement.

When working with GDK network systems you can have the utmost confidence in our help desk team.  With years of experience and a vast amount of knowledge we are your trusted technology partner.