Classroom Wi-Fi: Is Your School Equipped for Mobile Connectivity ?




Computer-based Learning is far more engaging to today’s tech-savvy students than outdated textbooks. As a result, digital learning is gathering momentum in schools across Ireland.

Schools are now supplying Tablets and/or Laptops to their pupils. In some cases  students are bringing their own devices such as Smartphones to school for the purposes of learning (BYOD) but this is leading to new challenges for school networks and bringing about IT resource constraints. To meet these challenges, Irish schools need reliable WIFI with strong security, excellent coverage and connections that don’t drop all delivered through an easy to use, scalable, single management point.

Is your School faced with the following Challenges:

  • You need access to the Internet from parts of the school that are not Ethernet cabled
  • Only a few classrooms or locations are currently Wi-Fi supported
  • The speed of access from the Wi-Fi points is not sufficient to cater for 30+ students using a variety of devices.
  • Different density requirements in various locations?
  • The Wi-Fi is NOT reliable and demands teacher intervention to restart the devices
  • A requirement for easier management and deployment of Wi-Fi devices ?
  • Do you have concerns in relation to your Mobile Device Management Strategy?
  • Howwill you manage the devices and the application roll outs whilst maintaining software version control?

GDK can provide a Wi-Fisolution that will meet these challenges at an affordable price
GDK provide solutions using HP ARUBA and Ubiquiti technologies to securely provide and control internet access for your school. Our pre installation right sizing tools will ensure:-

  • Effective planning for Precise Deployment
  • Bandwidth is maximized and made available as required in different locations
  • Load balancing is automatically included to ensure the best possible user experience
  • GDK can expand wireless coverage, by simply installing additional Instant Access Points and configurations are automatically distributed

Our solution will ensure:-

  • Compliance and Security
  • Monitor all online activity
  • Enforce safe electronic communications
  • Use existing access policies and management roles

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