Hybrid Cloud Backup & Disaster Recovery

Protecting your business data with the most agile synchronised Backup/recovery systems

Your business can’t afford downtime. That’s why we know your expectation is to be able to recover anything, anytime, anywhere.  You need a solution that guarantees recovery times with zero failure and you don’t want to hear about upgrading your backup systems, buying more disk space and getting training for some new solution.

Hybrid-Cloud Backup & Recovery can provide better coverage to recover your critical systems and data, replacing your legacy systems with little impact to internal resources or the bottom line.

Enterprise Data Protection Radically Simplified
To prepare for the “when” (and not “if”), you need a solution in place that is ready to recover every part of your business, even in the face of the worst disasters. Whether workstations or servers, Windows, Linux or Mac, files or databases, physical or virtual, a single item or an entire OS, we can recover your business – even to an alternate location.

Everything has gone digital and virtual and dissimilar devices need to connect to one another.  WATCH this VIDEO to get a better understanding.

Data is securely stored using 448-bit Blowfish encryption in your geographical region, so you can rest assured that no one besides your company can obtain or see your data. A synchronized local backup to a local storage device is also maintained ensuring you can recover even in the event your Internet connection goes down. And by backing up to the cloud, you have a copy of every part of your business ready and available to be recovered without expensive hardware, complex systems and one more thing to support. Instead, your critical data is quickly backed up using state-of-the-art compression technology, allowing your Internet connection to quickly backup and recover your critical data and systems.

Disaster Recovery - We Protect your data no matter what the challenge
Ensuring business continuity for our customers requires you to have a fast and proven disaster recovery process in place. It is vital. GDK offers you options: Bare Metal Recovery simplifies and reduces the recovery time for physical Windows® systems; and Virtual Disaster Recovery™ automates a full system restore to Hyper-V® or VMWare®.

GDK are here to help your business stay operational
We want to not just provide you the tools to ensure your business gets backup and running, but also manage the entire process from setup, to backup, to recovery:
  • Getting you Backed Up The on-boarding experience is completely managed by qualified GDK Consultants. Depending on the environment, a GDK Consultant will either connect remotely or perform a local seed backup. We will supply you with documentation of all data and systems being backed up
  • Pro Active Monitoring Do you know when most people are find problems with their backups? Right! - When they need to restore, when it’s to late. Pro-active monitoring is the missing key in securing your ability to recover anything. Clients also receive automatic daily alerts and Weekly reports in relation to the success of the backups.
  • Restore & Disaster Recovery Support When something does go wrong, call us and we’ll make sure you can go back right to before things went wrong. So you can relax and not worry about anything
  • TWO locations for better protection Even a backup plan, should have a backup plan. Our backups have one copy onsite and one copy offsite. That way, you know you can recover, even without an Internet connection!
  • Fastest Recovery Possible The Fastest Restore Source (Cloud Or Local) Is Automatically Chosen To Ensure Your Data Is Recovered As Quickly As Possible.
  • Capacity-Based Pricing As the cost of Storage continues to decrease, Backups become very scalable because you pay a set rate based on what you use. Capital expenses are a thing of the past, making the life of your Finance department worry-free

GDK are here to help you every step of the way
Give us a call and let us tailor a Disaster Recovery Program to best ensure your business can always go back right before things went wrong.  Ring us now or Click below to let us know how we can assist.