GDK's Mail Protection can Enhance your Office 365 mailbox security and archive capabilities

Microsoft's Office 365 platform has quickly become the email hosting solution of choice for many businesses, but despite its benefits, the security and archiving capabilities of the platform have their limitations- and that's a potentially very big problem.  The good news is that GDK’s Mail Protection can merge seamlessly with Office 365 to provide the additional, robust layer of security and archiving that Office 365 alone cannot.
Some Key Features of our cloud based Mail protection system include:

  • Robust, highly accurate and adaptive inbound/outbound spam detection
  • 24/7 Mail continuity - always on backup mail service available, easy to use and extremely valuable
  • Intuitive web-based control panel with rapid deployment and ongoing management and scalability
  • Hosted individual junk mail quarantines
  • Message logging and search facility
  • Fine tune the filtering on a per-person, per-domain, or per-organization basis, or simply “set it and forget it.”
  • Optional integrated archive

From the unique combination of technologies to defend against email-borne threats, to a secure, independent cloud-based archive, GDK Mail Protection has thought of everything to keep your business - and your reputation - safe.

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