GDK’s Managed Online Backup

Our Managed Online Backup is a reliable, secure, hosted offsite backup solution built specifically for organisations who want peace of mind with secure, remote offsite storage to protect their business data which will be easy to fully recover in the event of a fire, theft, flood or any on-site failure.

Key Benefits:

  • Fully Hosted Service and monitored by GDK’s remote monitoring service
  • Pay as you go, with no upfront costs or hardware to fund or maintain
  • Based on robust IASO Backup– renowned for fast secure backup and no hassle
  • Flexibility with the number of servers and workstations to be backed up and the frequency and schedules
  • Simple to implement by our experienced consultants
  • We provide a Scalable Solution because your storage infrastructure will grow over the years ahead and our solution will cater for this


  • Enable on individual servers and workstations or, on all servers and workstations at the client or site level
  • Multiple different backup schedules may be set-up to suit customer requirements
  • Effective algorithm - only data which has changed is backed up in relation to previous backup sessions
  • Uses True Delta™ Technology meaning your bandwidth load is lighter


  • Based on robust IASO Backup– renowned for fast secure backup and no hassle!
  • Offsite storage to protect your business data
  • Fully encrypted data - using Advanced Encryption Standard [AES] technology
  • Designated LocalSpeedVault on your company network for instantaneous backup
  • Simple and clean user interface - no training required
  • Low maintenance – backups are automatic
  • Dashboard reporting – Daily Safety Check monitors success of daily backups


  • Pay monthly per Gbyte of data selected
  • To get you up and running as easily and quickly as possible, GDK provide a seed loading service, which is chargeable, for larger data volumes by backing up the initial backup on removable media. 

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