Promethean ActivPanel V5

As Ireland's leading supplier of Promethean Interactive Whiteboards and Flatscreens, GDK is delighted to announce that the much-heralded, award-winning new version of the Promethean ActivPanel V5 is finally here.

TheActivPanel V5 ships with the Android Operating System and Promethean Activ Inspire Software as standard, offers positive teaching, learning and technology benefits:

  • Protect your Technology Investment: Powered by ActivConnect, a revolutionary, upgradeable Android-based Mini PC, it enables schools to keep pace with advances in computing technology over time
  • Full HD and 4K Ultra HD Displays: Available in 70”, 75” and 86” sizes with simultaneous touch points and pens designed to enhance the classroom viewing experience and interaction amongst students and provides brilliant picture quality with crisp detail and bright colours.
  • The Industry's Most Elegant Writing Experience: Designed with the innovative InGlass™ Technology, ActivPanel V5 offers a naturally smooth writing experience with no script-lag or response delays. It features an instant whiteboard for free-form writing, converting to text, palm erasing, and saving your digitally-captured notes.
  • Future-ready Connectivity: The ActivPanel offers a variety of ports for convenient peripheral connectivity, including HDMI ports, USB touch, OPS, VGA, Audio, and more
  • Connect learning devices to lessons: The ActivPanel V5 supports the connection of Bluetooth devices including musical keyboards and robots, ultimately helping teachers to harness the power of the increasingly popular ‘Internet of Things’.
  • Access to Thousands of Digital Teaching Tools: Connect to the vast, ever-expanding world of educational apps using the Tablet-like surface directly from your home screen and easily mirror mobile devices to share content among your classroom.
  • Powerful stereo sound: The ActivPanel’s built-in, front-facing speakers fill the classroom with deep, crystal-clear sound.
  • Versatile mounting options: Use the fixed wall mount included, or select from an adjustable wall mount, adjustable mobile stand, or non-adjustable mobile stand.

Have a look at this Video to see the potential benefits to enhance the learning experience and download the Brochure for further info.