What is Remote Managed Services?  

At GDK, we are often asked,

  • What is Remote Managed Services?  
  • Do we need it?   
  • What can it do for our company or for our School or for our organisation ?

Our favourite way of describing Remote Managed Services is this: Think of your computer (or your whole computer network) as a car. When you get home from work, you leave your car in the garage until the next morning. Imagine that while you're sleeping, a pit crew comes in and does a complete 20 point inspection, rotates your tyres, fills your fuel tank, and changes the oil. Every morning your car is optimized and ready to go. This is what managed services does for your technology.

  • GDK's Remote Managed Services reduces downtime and improves security on all of your company's servers, desktops, laptops, mobile devices, and backup. Everyday, every device on the network is monitored and proactively maintained by the secure Software Agents automated processes and our Managed Services Team.

We created this video for those interested in or curious about managed services could have a visual of our managed services definition and hopefully better understand the benefits that managed services has to offer. If after you watch the video you find that some questions have gone unanswered, please do not hesitate to contact us.

If you think that Remote Managed Services could help your business, please contact us by filling in this from or give us a Ring on 01-2166 970

Watch our Remote Managed Services video for a complete visual explanation of exactly what you get with GDK Managed Services.