Which ICT Support Contract best suits the needs of your School?

Reactive ICT Support



Proactive ICT Support
with Monitoring, Reporting
& Management


When an ICT problem occurs, you simply React to it. You ring GDK and we will assist by phone, probably log into your PC or Network remotely and if the problem cannot be fixed remotely, we will send an engineer or consultant to your site.
Reactive ICT Support could produce unexpected costs and budget surprises for your school, but may be appropriate for your particular needs.

With a Proactive Monitoring Contract, GDK are able to eliminate the possibility of the problem even occurring in the first place. Through continual monitoring, the GDK Support Desk will be notified of potential problems before they arise and will implements safeguard to try to stop them from occurring. We also provide call logging for reactive support. In the event of us not solving the problem remotely, we can send a consultant on-site.

Proactive ICT Support anticipates events and makes sure you have a plan in place.

Our Contract will provide for:

  • Help Desk Support as required
  • Remote support sessions where we access your computers from our Helpdesk
  • On-site support as required
  • Very Useful for Projector and Whiteboard Maintenance

The time used for these tasks is deducted from the Block Hours purchased in advance.

Our Contract will provide for:

  • Unlimited Help Desk Support
  • Remote support sessions where we access your computers from our Helpdesk
  • Combined with the purchase of Block Hours for unpredictable on-site calls will help to manage your IT budget
  • Continuous Monitoring of the “health check” of your computers and networks
  • Detection of issues before they result in downtime or data loss.
  • Provide preventive maintenance services without any kind of disruption or interruption to end-user activities.
  • Automated daily and/or weekly reports regarding the network status and performance
  • Automatically report on the success of your backup every day
  • Automatically check your Anti-Virus systems each and every day
  • Constantly checks for hacker attack
  • Our advanced Monitoring System doesn’t get sick, distracted or go on holiday
  • Improved Transparency for ICT Coordinators and the School Board Of Management
  • Improved Proactive Management of the IT function

You purchase Blocks of Support Hours in advance.

You pay an agreed MONTHLY Fee for this service.