Enable full productivity anywhere !!!


Do you want to maximize employee productivity but also keep your employees happy at work?

Any workforce can be global with the Citrix range of products that GDK offers. From a hotel in Galway to a home office in Kildare, to a train speeding to Cork or Belfast, workers can securely access their work desktops anywhere, anytime, and on any device.

As organizations seek to recruit and empower skilled workers, workshifting provides a more attractive experience in which people can choose the ideal time, place and device for their work.
By enabling full productivity beyond the constraints of physical offices and traditional work hours, organizations can reduce office space, travel and labor costs.

To be effective, a workshifting strategy must address two fundamental requirements:

  • people must be able to work in the same way they would in the office, with full access to desktops, apps, files and collaboration;
  • IT must be able to secure and control business information to maintain protection, privacy and compliance.

Anywhere, any device access to desktops and apps offers the following benefits:

  • Improve business continuity and maximize employee productivity
  • Attract the best workers from a global talent pool
  • Improve employee satisfaction and retention while reducing HR turnover costs
  • Reduce office costs with teleworking programs
  • Boost productivity and improve customer service
  • Respond to business opportunities more quickly and flexibly

If you would like to discuss how the Citrix range of products could help your organisation and see a live demonstration on how GDK staff uses Citrix to access our systems from anywhere, anytime, and on any device, please contact me on 01-2166 970 or email me at   dod@gdk.ie

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