All Exams To Take Place Online in 10 Years


The leader of one of the largest independent schools associations in the UK has made the bold claim that all examinations will be conducted ONLINE within 10 years and that the days of examiners having to decipher hastily scribbled answers will soon be over.

This shows a dramatic change in how we view education, and the methods used in schools today. Schools must be able to embrace new technologies, learn new teaching techniques and be willing to accept changes in the classroom and around exam time. Nowadays, students and technology are growing together and they are always one step ahead of everyone, now it is time for both to be integrated to help improve education and give students the best chances possible of success.

GDK Network Systems can offer a helping, solving hand for some of these new exciting challenges that lie ahead for schools. Interactive Whiteboards, Tablets, new Laptops and PC’s and not forgetting supplying excellent Wi-Fi and Mobile Connectivity will be essential to schools following this recent revelation in terms of the future of education. There are many schools in more rural places in Ireland, where the lack of infrastructure, capital and knowledge of new technologies may hinder their progress in terms of online examinations and the use of new products that will help students in their education. GDK can provide assistance, products and advice to any school that is in need of new technologies and are looking to further their school’s capabilities.


Technology will be fully embraced within the next decade and “will be used by a generation of teachers who grew up with it”. Since 2010, there have been schools that began teaching on iPads and Tablets to their students. This just shows how essential it is to be keeping up with technology and always on the look out to improve facilities, products and introducing new ideas, in the hope of bringing education standards to a new level. Students suffering from writing and spelling problems such as; dyslexia and dyspraxia, have struggled through examinations every year will now, have a much better chance of performing to their capabilities.

However, another view from the e-learning foundation in the UK, is not too confident that this new way of performing examinations is beneficial to all students. The foundation’s worry is that there are still between 600,000 and 700,000 students who do not have access the internet and suitable technologies from their own respected homes. There is also the standing problem of schools not being able to afford these new technologies, which will then hinder thousands of pupils and put them at a distinct disadvantage, compared to luckier students, whose schools can afford and want to embrace these new technologies.

Time will tell if this hypothesis will become prevalent in both Ireland and the UK, and if it will be a success. In our view, if schools use the technologies offered to them and tackle any problems encountered, this will be a success and will bring a new exciting era in education, technology and business.  Click here to read the full newspaper article.